Healing Light

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Welcome to Healing Light. This is a tribe to come and discuss the Light that resides within each of us. It can do miraculous healings of the physical body,the mental of the mind, the emotions of the heart, and the spiritual nature of all.

The Light within can help aid in our connectedness to the universe, to ourselves in order to act as a conduit between our mind and the information that the universe has to offer.

It can open "doors" to places ppl have commonly refered to as dimensions.

When one experiences this light, it changes them. It creates a life altering way of thinking. Even to experience it one time is a blessing beyond description. For one to be able to find the Light within themselves, develop it, enable for it to grow, and walk into the light, there they will find all they need to grow, become one with the Creator, a Spiritual life force that has no gender, no name, no begining, no end.

One can begin to understand the multi-levels of the word love in its fullest content. Not simply the physical gratification, but the truest sense of the word. Love for all living organisms. Not just ppl, not just animals, not just a spouce, children, family or friends. One can come to understand what its like to be able to love unconditionally, accept others for who and what they are and actually "see" the level of their life's path that they are on.

This Light is amazing. It is transformational.

I hope all who enter here will learn to grow within themselves in order to experience this Light..

All are welcome.. LOVE AND LIGHT... Gypsi.. RSS Feed what is XML?

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